How do I see the future of Technology?

I always like to debate and dream about new technologies and the future. Which is sometimes  sci-fi, but most of the sci-fi becomes reality. I would like to share some of my (crazy?) predictions and technologies I think become truth and fully accepted within several years from now.

Meaning you can't solve new problems with the same way of thinking

Meaning: you can’t solve new problems with the same way of thinking

Here are some random ideas from me, and thinking this become reality within several years from now:

Computer-brain interface

Computer-brain interface

  • Thought identification: a brain-computer interfaces. Which makes controlling a piece of hardware/software possible via ‘mind-control’, although limited in the beginning, it could fully replace the keyboard & mouse eventually;
  • Co-processor with biological neurons (hybrid-like). A Co-processor makes it possible to use the best of two worlds (neurons + transistors). In the future a fully biological neutron computer can replace the current computer;

    IBM's quantum computer

    IBM’s quantum computer

  • Quantum computers and Neutron computers replaces the current computer in data centers / supercomputers. Eventually everybody have access to a quantum or neutron computer, just like a smartphone today. A new article about this topic is coming soon!
  • Deep-learning algorithms will involve more and more, eventually changing the way of thing of the nature (including our brain), the universe and find new insides by using Big Data mining. In combination with a quantum computer you can simulate the beginning of the universe. For example; Google’s DeepMind already wins the Europe’s Go Game in five games (without head start). Similar to IBM’s Watson that beats a human in a game called Jeopardy;



  • 3D holograms for your computer and mobile phone, without need for extra hardware (it’s part of the device). Holograms gets build into glasses  and contact lenses. Seeing another dimension needs also another graphical user-interface. Meaning new GUI’s will be developed specially designed for 3D;
  • 3D printing, more advanced and new techniques to 3D printing. Making it faster with new technologies and use different kind of materials (besides plastic). Ultimately replaces all sorts of products in your home by using a 3D printer;
  • Out-of-control AI killer robot attacking and killing the wrong people / group of people than planned whether or not by accident. Eg. the same people who created the machine in the first place;
  • Pay, open doors and identify yourself with your RFID/NFC chip inside your hand/arm (you never need a wallet anymore). Of-sources this is very related with the rising popularity of wearables, but instead of wearing a devices it becomes part of you;


    Body Implant – NFID chip

  • Like NFC chip implants, other embedded microchip would be implanted as well,including:
    • Health monitor chip (checks your health with all kind of sensors, including heart rate, oxygen, sleep tracking and stress levels. You become the doctor;
    • Implants and pills that just targets the right place in your body to give special treatment. Therefor not or less damaging the good cells;
    • Special chips which makes it possible to view ultra-violet / magnetic fields or zoom-in with your ‘normal’ eye. This could be extended with better vision in general, hearing, feeling and smelling by using technology we already have;
  • “Regular” CPU, GPU chips / Memory chips will become again smaller, faster and greener, due to new technologies including Extreme Ultra Violet-light (EUV), 3D chips, energy-efficient carbon nanotubes (CNFET) and nanoimprint lithography;
  • Devices gets more and more connected through the Internet (smart devices). From your refrigerator to your breadmaker and even your curtains. In the beginning you will need a smartphone to control it, eventually systems will be created to interact with all the smart devices from a single location. Ultimately, some artificial intelligence (AI) system will take control of your house, knows when to start your breadmaker or start your washing machine. Under the condition that the current products we know also involve and becoming more suitable for machine operation instead of human operation. At some point human operation isn’t needed at all;
  • Google's self-driving car

    Google’s self-driving car

    Flying cars won’t be accepted soon, but self-driving cars will be accepted by the government at some point. Again no need for human interaction anymore while driving. New technologies will make it possible to further improve the radius of action, making the car more silent due to better designs of the car (I mean an Audi or Mercedes still looks the same for over 20 years);

  • The (digital) TV cable will be abandoned, and fully replaced by the Internet / streaming like Netflix (similar what Whatsapp or Telegram did to SMS). Also FM/AM radio will become fully obsolete and replaced by full digital systems first (DAB+), but eventually again that will be abandoned. The Radio in your car will use Internet streaming in the future and become fully connected to the Internet just like your PC/tablet;

    Solar flare

    Solar flare

  • I predict a big world-Wide Internet and/or electricity failure 😮 . This can happen due to a solar storm, geomagnetic reversal (switching polarity), major volcanic eruption, meteorite impact or even a supernova which is close by. We are not prepared for this kind of events. The world becomes in a shock, the stock market collapse completely, without a computer we are back in the stone age. It could take years to recover. If not world-wide, a failure can happen on large scale (like a whole continent);

    Data center of CERN

    Data center of CERN

  • Non-SQL (Non rational database) will be become more and more important, it will be used together with Big data. Rational databases are not scalable enough in order to handle the large amount of data-sets. More smart devices will convert the analog world into a digital place (in other words data), whereby big data helps us to see/understand the world in another way, calculate, predict new things and help humans with their normal lives. More about Non rational databases: read my article about Cassandra DB (dutch).

With all the new technologies becoming normal at some point, the old technologies will be laughed at. Like a Solid State Disk (SSD) will become a floppy disk how it is now seen by us. So, what will be the next-generation SSDs? Or the next-generation software?

I hope you found this article inspiring. What are your predictions? Let us know by leaving a comment.

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