Telegram – Why?

Most of the people know I’m using Telegram. But I never explained the reasons why I use Telegram. Let me explain why I think you should also use Telegram. Telegram is an alternative of WhatsApp.
Read the full article, and be amazed by the features of Telegram.

Open & Free

First things first. Telegram has an open API interface, meaning the clients are also open-source. And free to use, no adds, and easy to use.

You can use the telegram chat messenger application on your mobile (Android/iOS), a great desktop app (Linux, Windows and Mac OS X) and a web client.

Telegram Desktop App

Secure & features

Telegram has peer to peer encryption (secret chats), nice stickers, built-in voice calling and even support self-destructive messages. It’s so safe to use it, they even brought outside multiple bounties up to $300.000, but nobody never won (meaning the program or protocol is not cracked). Can you can send messages to yourself including images & files. In short you have an unlimited cloud storage location for free!

Telegram GifBot

Telegram messages are synced automatically between all devices / clients. The messages can be changed after you send it to correct a spelling mistake for example. You can even remove a message after you send it (at both sides!). It has even an in-app browser, which opens your content very fast.
It supports bots, so you can write your own chat bot! Nice bots are available, to name a few: HotOrBot, ImageBot, YoutubeBot, GifBot, OtoutoBot, SpotifyBot, and IMDbBot.

Bots can make your life easier – Melroy

Groups & Channels

Moreover, Telegram supports so called supergroups. Which are big chat groups upto 50.000 members in 1 chat. Or channels for broadcasting to unlimited audiences.  There are several big famous chat groups for all kind of interests. Helpful cryptocurrency groups: Crypto Currency Republic & Walepool. Or channels like: Netflix, new daily music or just find the channel where are you looking for!
Last but not least the servers of Telegram are hosted in Berlin covered by the European legislation, where as WhatsApp runs in America. With the legislations of America.

Try it!

What are you waiting for? Download Telegram yourself for free and try it out. I’m directly available on Telegram as well.

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